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The Tatler Bar

The Tatler Bar

A quick look

Enter The Tatler Bar - formerly Luxglove - now, your new online destination for the finest pours. An ecommerce solution built to meet the rising demand for premium tipples coupled with the boom of pandemic-inspired online shopping.

Onyx Island was tasked to develop and launch Tatler Singapore’s newly acquired whisky and spirits vertical onto an e-commerce platform in under 6 weeks.

The Tatler Bar

Challenges we faced

The primary challenge we faced was delivering a fully fledged ecommerce solution with 230 SKUs in 6 weeks. Additionally, the client had specific design requests which would require a platform and design theme without limitations. We proposed the new site build take place on an established and stable SaaS product, BigCommerce.

The Tatler Bar

Our ways of working

Project Management

Using Agile methodologies, we broke the project down into sprints (smaller tasks over short periods). We also used Trello to communicate with Tatler, fix task requirements, and ensure that current sprints were on track with ongoing feedback from the client. Daily standups helped set clear expectations for daily tasks and kept everyone abreast of progress updates.


Defining the IA in tandem with designing mockups, helped us manage timelines more effectively. We also requested that details be populated into a Google Sheet which our developers then transcreated into the CSV format. This helped us upload hundreds of SKUs in a shorter time frame.

We set-up an integration app which allowed for auto-sync of customer and transactional information from BigCommerce into MailChimp. With this data, the client was able to conduct targeted segmentation - by total spend or product preference, for instance.

Our team of developers integrated the site’s payment gateway with Stripe, and created a test environment for UAT. This allowed the team to conduct extensive testing, using Stripe’s U.S. and non-U.S. cards, before shifting to production. Add-ons such as an ElfSight widget pack helped the client utilise features such as countdown timers and announcement bars.

The Tatler Bar

The results

Our in-house team of project managers, creatives, and developers helped Tatler Singapore quickly seize a captive market. Consumers jumped online and The Tatler Bar surpassed its revenue goal, with over 50 purchases completed in under 3 weeks. By combining rich design with streamlined transactional functionality, our solution has helped drive sales while strengthening Tatler’s premium positioning. Consumers can now indulge in The Tatler Bar’s curated selection of the world’s finest pours on the go.

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