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Social Media Packages

Social Media Packages

A Quick Look

Social Media Marketing is lost to algorithms unless you plan it well. With Onyx Island’s help, your brand can be a content hub, social listener, experience creator and more.

When you engage us, you receive a dedicated social media team that manages every aspect of your social media journey - from strategy, content planning and production to campaigns and reporting.

If you require a customised B2B or B2C game plan, our packages can be tailored to include hands-on strategic expertise that helps you meet your business goals.

Product Shots

To stand out on social, you need images that have the power to stop the viewer mid-scroll. All our packages include static Product Shots that are professionally shot and edited in our studio.

Consistent studio-quality photography optimises your visual assets so they look great on any social platform. They showcase your hero products at their best and are crucial to converting online consumers.

We can also shoot clean, crisp photos of your product on a pure white background should you require images for e-commerce.

The Basic

Available in PACKAGES A, B & C

Product Shots With Talent

Product Shots With Talent are great for showing products in use, demonstrating product features, and giving viewers a sense of scale. This human element of our work is what makes it stand out from most forms of content marketing. *Talent fee is not included in the packages


All our Social Media Marketing packages include owned brand research. Our team analyses your existing social channels to understand your impressions and engaged audience. These insights inform our strategic recommendations concerning the use of certain platforms over others, communications, and brand perception.

The Perks

Available in PACKAGES B & C

Video Shoot / Styled GIF

An elevated version of our classic Product Shots. Our Video Shoots and Styled GIFs are dynamic, allowing us to showcase details and motion. These shoots highlight features and benefits, showcase your brand’s personality, tell a story, or explain a process. They make your brand come alive on social media.

Lifestyle Shoot

Lifestyle Shoots are where we combine props, textured surfaces, dramatic lighting, stock photography, or a mix of all four to create small customised settings with big visual impact.

Location / Outdoor Shoot

‘In-context’ Location and Outdoor Shoots show your products used in the manner they were designed for. This approach allows the shopper to see the product itself, and how the product looks while in use. It’s a great opportunity to highlight a key function or feature of your product.

Photoshoot With Infographic

Photoshoots With Infographics are a great way to depict key information and data in a digestible form. We combine photography with graphic design and layouts that help showcase the features of your products. Normally-dull statistics are brought to life with text, arrows, measurements, and other design elements.


Leverage a custom, data-driven strategy for your business with Packages B & C. Your dedicated social media specialist analyses the value and reputation of your brand online. Detailed industry research and competitor analysis reveals any untapped opportunities for your business.

Ultimately, the better you know your audience, the smarter you can be with your social media marketing. Our social media specialist uses extended research to develop a specific, custom social media marketing strategy tailored to your business, industry, and goals. We recommend short-and-long term strategies that improve your proposition, content pillars, and tone of voice on social media for your target audience.

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