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Singtel TV Go

Singtel TV Go

A quick look

Singtel approached us in 2019 to reinvent TV GO, their cable TV experience. The telco had been offering TV GO as an add-on service for all Singtel TV subscribers that would allow them to enjoy must-see content on the go or while they were second-screening at home. Our solution incorporated UI / UX strategies that would expand Singtel TV GO’s offerings to a critical third space - the web.

Challenges we faced

Most Singtel TV GO users had already downloaded the app and were logged in to their account on their devices. The mobile app would have to remain in the TV GO ecosystem. One of our biggest struggles was defining the use cases for Web TV streaming. This helped narrow down the functions we would introduce to the Web Portal to make it as appealing as the mobile app.

It was also important that the Web Portal not deviate too much from the app to avoid causing confusion for current app users. A familiar interface would maintain a great user experience in the Web Portal.

The third challenge was that most TV GO users were only using the service for English Premier League content. Our solution would have to encourage exploration of the other content available for the service.

Our ways of working

We conducted a customer journey workshop with Singtel TVGO users, where we identified the current user pain points and opportunities for improvement. The insights from our workshops eventually shaped what we proposed for the Web Portal.

Some notable changes we made were:

Improvements to the existing TV Guide for easier navigation

Adding recommendations to the homepage to improve exploration of content

Enabling EPL fans to toggle between matches with intuitive shortcuts

Allowing EPL fans to watch 2 matches at a time with the Picture-in-picture function

The results

With our help, Singtel TV GO can now be a viewer’s primary source of television, whether they’re at home, on the go or online.

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