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In 2017, Experian was tasked with assessing the impact of IMDA’s “SMEs Go Digital” programme on small businesses in Singapore. Over the next 2 years, we designed and developed a UX strategy and an online survey platform that would enable Experian to efficiently collect and present their findings. The 2 years did not pass without its challenges...


Number of shareholders involved

2 years

Length of the project

3 challenges

Technical security, Site performance & Scalability

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Challenges we faced

Due to the sensitive nature of the data being collected, we had to ensure that encryption, authentication methods, and server security were all in place. Secondly, the survey platform we created would have to embody “going digital” as per IMDA’s stance. Which meant we had to keep site performance in mind as well.

Not forgetting scalability. As the “SMEs Go Digital” Programme grew to encompass more identity providers (IdPs), Onyx had to develop additional Self-Assessment Tools in response. Ultimately, this 2year project was an opportunity to demonstrate our expertise across various technical fields.

The results

As digital specialists, Onyx Island had to ensure our creative vision was not sacrificed whilst staying on-brief. We conceptualised a simple yet elegant master design that would visually appeal to a wide range of businesses. We also had to ensure that the design would be evergreen and adoptable by different IdPs, whilst retaining a familiar look and feel. Lastly, the design had to cater to different mediums such as infographics and video animations. Throughout the 2 years, we partnered with Experian and ensured the project was successfully delivered across all milestones.

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