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A quick look

Onyx Island works with NTUC Income's Digital Transformation Office to test and launch new-age micro-insurance products. In 2019, our strategic approach helped NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative Limited launch the first flight insurance of its kind in Singapore.

Challenges we faced

NTUC Income’s initial brief was to validate the need for a new micro-insurance product that could help curb airfare fluctuations at a small premium. The main challenge was dealing with a target audience who could not compare it to other offerings, let alone understand the need for it. Additionally, as a product in its test phase, we would have to promote it without leveraging on the established Income branding.

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Our ways of working

We conceptualised and produced an overall social content strategy and videos that would drive traffic from Facebook to the campaign landing page. Our ads created awareness and converted that interest to sign-ups for a future product launch. On-the-ground research validated the target market and product acceptance, whilst optimising ads to their fullest potential.

The results

Across 1 month, our lead generation Facebook campaign gathered more than 900 sign-ups and eventually led to the official launch of the micro-insurance known as Pinfare in April 2019.

Fly Free Awareness Campaign






Landing page views



Pinfare Go-To-Market Campaign


Media budget





2.7 million


We continued working with Income on social media strategies that drove product awareness and interest. Together we launched 50 branded and curated posts on Facebook and Instagram. As part of the social media strategy, we also sought partnership opportunities with Thai Airways and Casio to create co-branded contests.

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