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Cortina Site Revamp

Cortina Site Revamp

A Quick Look

Cortina Holdings is a leading retailer and distributor of luxury timepieces such as Rolex and Patek Phillippe, with boutiques in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

However, their brand identity did not translate well when it came to their dated site design.

Cortina Watch Website Revamp

Challenges we faced

One of the big challenges was creating a coherent user experience when each watch brand classified their products and collections differently. Certain brands also had strict design guidelines when it came to the layout and styling of their page on the Cortina site. We needed to satisfy individual brand requirements while also facilitating site architecture and functions that would allow users to filter the site to their requirements.

As the previous site lacked individual detail pages and watch model content, we identified that Cortina was failing to convert users who were already in the consideration phase of purchase. In addition, the previous site failed to encourage discovery. Online users were only engaging with brands they were familiar with, without discovering the wide range that Cortina carries.

We conducted a large-scale content-gathering exercise across more than 20 brands. And meticulously planned content population in conjunction with development to ready the site for launch. We also spent time researching the online search behavior of avid watch collectors to understand how certain site navigations / buttons could improve their user experience.

Cortina Watch Website Revamp

Our ways of working

User Survey & Data Analysis

Before we jumped into the design site revamp, we looked into Google Analytics to identify any possible gaps and issues Cortina faced. A user survey was also conducted to gather insights, verify the target audience, and identify opportunities that would allow us to further engage Cortina’s consumers via a new platform.

We also surveyed Cortina’s frontline employees to ascertain common consumer queries and how the new site could address these needs and facilitate client servicing. With this data on hand, our creatives were then able to define the appropriate user flows and UI/UX solutions.

Design & Development

Our working team sought to elevate Cortina’s brand identity through design and development. We proposed a mobile responsive site with subtle parallax animation coupled with engaging videos and visuals. Design considerations included creating an evergreen site that would also be in line with web design trends.

In order to create more opportunities for discovery, especially for lesser known brands, we created an in-depth personality quiz. This offered users who landed on the Cortina homepage a chance to discover watch brands suited to their personalities in a fun and engaging manner.

New product detail pages were introduced, with product suggestions that would allow users to discover different collections from the same brand. This feature encouraged prospective consumers to understand their desired product before encouraging them to book in-store visits.

We also introduced a wishlist function and an automated enquiry form to allow users to shortlist, compare, and compile products for easy queries.

Cortina Watch Website Revamp

The level of user interaction was also greatly enhanced with floating enquiry message buttons placed at the bottom of each page. Appointment forms were set in 30minute blocks to provide our users a personalised experience at the retail store. An events section also allowed for RSVPS for upcoming events, driving online users to offline events.

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