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A Quick Look

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) didn’t just need a UX Audit and UI facelift of their intranet portal. They urgently needed to improve the operational efficiency of the portal for their staff. Onyx Island stepped in to help, but the work would entail reviewing survey results, competitive analyses and 6months worth of old web traffic data - inherited from the previous vendor on the project.


Challenges We Faced

After analysing the previous vendor’s material, our UI/UX team realised that their insights/recommendations were subjective instead of objective. We would encounter significant challenges down the road if we didn’t address these challenges upfront.

Our Ways of Working - UX

For the UX portion of the project, our scope of work entailed web traffic analysis, building a questionnaire, interviews with users and stakeholders, information architecture planning, and design thinking.

The UX Team utilised quantitative and qualitative research methods and tools to collect, study and analyse user interactions. For instance, one-on-one interviews with CAAS staff allowed us to identify our audience’s pain points. We found that different employees / divisions used the portal differently based on their roles and everyday operational needs.

When potential issues were uncovered following analytics, surveys and interviews – these issues were either validated or dismissed through usability testing (i.e. scenario testing via eye tracking).

Our Ways of Working - UI

We knew a radical change of the current site navigation was in order. Customisable bookmarks/navigation links were introduced to improve work efficiency and revamping the portal helped users locate documents and circulars easily. With the direction, objectives and Information Architecture (IA) nailed down, we created wireframe-based prototypes to test our results.

We started with lo-fi to hi-fi wireframes of design mockups. We then developed working HTML prototypes for selected CAAS staff to perform usability testing that would iterate and improve the user experience, and ultimately work efficiency.


The Results

By studying user interactions, we were able to identify usability problems, findability issues, inefficiencies and bottlenecks that prevented users from completing their objectives. We then made recommendations based on our analysis findings and established best practices.

This large scale project commenced in Apr 2018 and is currently in its final stage, in preparation for implementation.

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